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Anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes–one for peace and one for science.

– John F. Kennedy

Edited by Dr. Graeme Lockaby, Clinton McClure Professor, Director, Center for Forest Sustainability, Associate Dean of Research & Professor, School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences, this, the second issue of Auburn Speaks, focuses on Auburn University’s ongoing research in areas related to water. As you will discover, Auburn has an extensive history of work in this area that can trace its roots to our founding. Over the decades, researchers have considered water from a variety of perspectives. Highlights of this research are chronicled in Auburn Speaks: On Water and range in topical diversity from ecosystem services and low-impact development to policy issues.

The water-related challenges facing our planet are undeniable. So, too, are the opportunities. Auburn university researchers are poised to serve as catalysts for developing new and innovative approaches to water resource issues, and to help communities at home and around the world capitalize on emerging water-based economic opportunity. These are their stories. We are pleased to share them with you.

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